A downloadable game for Windows

Maya/Unity project. All the meshes and the whole scene were done as a homework for HTW Game Design (DE:HIVE), 3rd semester. Thank you for the cool task! I expanded on it by adding interactivity and walkability.

If you decide to download the build and check it out: a) the game will open in windowed mode, 800x600. If you set it to fullscreen and change resolution, and then restart it, it will be set back to 800x600, but still remain fullscreen. b) it might hang a bit on the grey screen in the beginning, while it's loading and the sounds are already playing, which I believe is typical of Unity things


SpringfieldWindowsBuild.zip 179 MB


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According to the screenshots, this doesn't look like vandalization... more of an improvement :D Great work!


XD "so you could vandalize it" MY GOD THATS A HIGH IQ PLAY! "The police can't stop me in Unity >:)"

This is amazing.


it is! thank you!! :D