A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

After your regular visit to the park, you find a strange fox-girl. She's wounded, and she has four ears! You take care of the wounds, and she asks you to take her home with you. So what do you do with the four-eared fox-girl?


What to do with a four-eared fox is a slice-of-life visual novel, where you help the little fox-lady from the forests learn more about the hooman world.

There are four endings, the first walkthrough takes about one and a half hours.


If you need a detailed map of all the routes avaiable in the game, click here (no spoilers for the endings).


I would be very happy if this novel would get translated into many languages! Please contact me if you're someone ready to do that.


Lisadikaprio: Art, Story, Programming

kirinokirino: Programming, Music

Special thanks to nc_para_ for testing and editing!

Thanks to Archmuffin and hellva for post-release corrections!


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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(25 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, Anime, Cute, Female Protagonist, Ren'Py, Short, Slice Of Life
Average sessionAbout an hour


fourearedfox-1.01-win.zip 95 MB
fourearedfox-1.01-mac.zip 78 MB
fourearedfox-1.01-linux.tar.bz2 82 MB

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Hello, I'm Nagasari Ferrea and I'm a Malaysian VTuber. May I stream this game on YouTube and suggest it to my fellow VTuber friends?

Of course! ^^ Thank you

Thank youuu!!!


So cute, so cute, so cute (important things need to be repeated three times.)

Unfortunately, the GUI of this game is a little strange (aspect ratio and button layout), which is not suitable for mobile devices. Do you have any plans to adjust it?


No, I've only developed the novel with desktop in mind ':D and haven't had plans to adjust it yet! Thanks for pointing this out!

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Wonderful game - made me smile and cry(sometimes both at once).
Got all 4 endings, but it feels like i still don't get something.
The final choice - does it matter what to choose? She leaves aniway. What difference does it make?


*sounds of exploding cutometer*

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I love this! One of the most adorable characters I have ever seen. So I can assure you it was absolutely heartbreaking to get a bad ending.


I really liked it, I enjoyed it a lot, the story hooked me from the beginning and I got to the first ending without stopping (when something hooks me I read pretty fast). In the end I was able to get to all 4 endings, but it took me quite a while to figure out what to do to get to the good endings, at first I got the bad endings no matter what I chose.

I love your art style, it's very cute and stunning, the way you do the lineart as if it was in pencil makes it look like it was a storybook.

I liked the music too, it's simple but it suits the game very well.


What to do with a four-eared fox is a lovely visual novel where you can feel how much work, love and efforts were put into it ! 

The art is very detailed from the backgrounds to the coloring, it really is stunning ! The story makes you want to see what's going to happen next and keep reading ! I really liked the diversity of the different endings and that there were various choices so that it's a bit tricky to see what could lead to a great ending or not ! :D 

I got the second worse ending first ; _ ; Was probably too protective with the adorable fox-girl ! Also, the music is really on point !! 

Anyways, don't hesitate to play this Visual Novel, it's really comfy and the result of a lot of work and efforts ♡ I really enjoyed it ! 

Fan art finished! sorry it took so long xD
I really do enjoy this game, I have gotten all four endings!
I may even make more fan art in the future of this >w<

ps. I named the protagonist sandwich... Just thought everyone might find that interesting.
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lovely visual novel :) got worst ending 2.. guess i'll have to try again for better,


to be honest i dont want to get the worst ending i think i am happy with the other 3


What a cute game with a cute fox girl and a cute art style, I do like the different choices that we are given and the style in which the game is presented, kinda like reading a kids book even tho I must admit I am not the biggest fan of the MC.

The story is also very interesting and original, but I personally felt it dragged a bit too long in some parts, this is just a personal preference of course, the game is still really good.


I love this game!

Even though it is not very long, the options given showed that your choices did matter, with the ending depending on how you treated her.

Sometimes during the story, I felt as though I was a parent helping out a somewhat naïve but rather enthusiastic kid (though in some routes she was sort of discouraged), and that being overly supportive can sometimes backfire... how fascinating!

This VN was rather unique and charming, and I'd like to continue seeing more of your work. =)


I use the translator. Sorry.
I'm not good at English.
But I was hooked and played this visual novel.
Because the art and sound are amazing! It's so cute.
And of course, the text is great! I feel the story has a lot of warmth.

By the way, the source of the voice sound seems to be wrong.
The source is あみたろの声素材工房
If you change the link in the game to this link, I don't think there is a licensing issue.


I will make the changes soon, thank you very much for this correction! I'm happy you enjoyed the game! :D

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I'm not the kind of person who plays cute visual novel games, I consider myself an FPS and sandbox guy so this was entirely out of my comfort zone. And yet, I found myself completely immersed in the world. 

I have only done one play through but I got the best ending first try so I felt it was time to write a review. I will definitely go back and see the other endings as the game is a fair length and it never made me feel exhausted reading like some other visual novels I have played. This game is just... Cute: very cute. Gives you the same warm feelings that only a ghibli film can produce. 

My favorite moments were the conversation just before the end and the bit where the boyfriend geeks out about the anatomy of hybrids. While nothing big really happens in the story the plot still moves at a brisk pace. The art style is adorable, it obviously chibi-ish but its got this story book hand painted feel that makes everything feel warm and fuzzy. The music is a quiet chill vibe and much more aesthetically appealing than doki doki generica copyright free slop I hear in other games. Definitely gonna put it in my study mix :D . I like that while the fox has an unfamiliarity with the human world she's not just stupid. From the moment you see fox-girl she's cute but its through the writing that you become attached to her. When she wants to fight all you want to do is protect her, and while there aren't that many choices in this game the ones that are there are impactful and satisfying. 

If you like bite sized slice of life anime and adorable fox girls this game is a must play. Plus its free so just play it damn you!! 10/10 visual novel (from someone who thinks most visual novels are slow)

>/////< I feel like our team just won an oscar, this review is a huge compliment :D thank you so much, i'm really happy you took so much enjoyment from the game!

Im just writing what Im seeing!


This is gotta be my favorite visual novel game to date!
I got 3 of the 4 endings so far, and I'm definitely gonna get the last! X3
I can't express the joy I feel for this game, I love it so so much! 💚
And I can't wait to see the next game you have in mind,
and I can't express how much I love the art style!
This is an amazing game!

Actually I was thinking about making fan art for it!
but I don't wanna do anything without your permission,
and I will definitely credit you!

Thank you again for this masterpiece💚💚💚


Wahh thank you so much >///< I'm really glad to hear that!

Obviously fan-art is allowed and will be loved and cherished! :D Be sure to post it in this comments section here too if you want to!


Yes absolutely! >w<

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Pretty cool Visual Novel! There's a lot of content to see in the game! The visuals are nice and the character art is cute! The multiple endings are pretty great as well, it's good to know that the choices do matter a lot.

If I had to nitpick, it would have been nice to see the game's art at a higher resolution. I'm making a guess here, but I think it was an intentional choice for the art? It was just a bit awkward to play in full screen and have black bars on the sides, I wish this beautiful art could have been higher resolution, but if it was intentional, I totally understand.

Overall, this was a wholesome time! Great work on this!


Hi, this crashes on my apple (M1). sadly, sending a report about it crashes itch itself as well. Is there a mailaddress that I can send the log to?



lisadikaprio@gmail.com Thanks for notifying!


Hi, never mind. Found out it's actually only when I start the game through itch itself. If I start the game directly from the install folder it's fine, so I'll report it to itch.

Also, the game is exceedingly cute. I love it.


ok i'm glad! i was worried, since i have no way to test the vn on an apple device :D thank you so much!!!

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I am normally a PC guy. But I just got the game on my new mac as one of my first games to test it out and I can verify it works great!


Okay this is actually epic... The fact we also get an OST is chef's kiss. Thanks for all your hard work! do you have a ko-fi or something yet?